All project partners work daily with adults who need special support. Also, said institutions are invariably confronted with similar problems in their everyday practice, the most important of which is the necessity to perform continual and often intuitive balancing acts to deal with all the needs adult learners have.

Educators are also inclined to think that educational work focusing on only one key competence does not bring lasting results, and that a more comprehensive approach is required. Additionally, educators themselves very often need counselling (social, psychological) while working with demanding target groups. One frequently observes that educators do not possess the skills of coping with the difficult psychological processes occurring within the target groups. This gives rise to a feeling that they lack adequate competences, be it psychological or those relating to social work. In order to resolve the issue, one can either develop a new methodology of cultural education where those competences are integrated, or build intersectoral networks of cooperation in the area of adult learning. Our project aims to accomplish both of the above objectives.


The chief objective of the project is to develop an innovative, holistic methodology for adult education, which seeks to increase key competences with respect to civic competences, cultural awareness and expression, as well as personal, social and learning competences. It will encompass training scenarios introducing educators to the innovative, holistic methodology of educational work with persons who require special support.

Another objective of the project is to create an international, qualitative network of methodological support for cultural educators.


  • Methodological training will be conducted within the network of the organizations involved. Each organization will thus conduct trainings for the remaining project partners;
  • an innovative, holistic methodology will be developed to facilitate work with adults requiring special support;
  • the above tool will be tested by the involved organizations and institutions in their educational practice;
  • the tool will be supplemented and modified following the test period and incubation;
  • a multimedia publication describing the methodology will be compiled, also catering to the needs of educators, who will be provided with scenarios of educational activities involving adult learners.

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Last modified: marzo 28, 2022